Hello - it's me! The Runner

I know what you're thinking. Another blog about running. In 2016. What's different about that. Well, shamefully, nothing extraordinarily really. Well, actually a little bit, as along with the Muffin – I believe we can bring something different, engaging, and unique to people.

While the Muffin will be focusing life away from running, such as food and other forms of exercise, I'll be zeroing in on running and everything that comes with it! From sneakers to playlists, routes to races, carbo loading to post-run nutrition, blisters to nasty sweat rashes, I'll cover it all. Whether you're a regular Joe looking to go from the couch to 5km, or a regular runner looking to turn marathoner, I know what it's like to be both.

Frankly, there's many different types of runners out there: There's those who new to running, looking to learn a bit more; there's also the anxious and sometimes image conscious beginners, those who agonize over what to wear, whether they're color coordindated, and what they will look like going slow out on the roads or in the gym; regular runners, those who run a few days a week, know a bit about pace and nutrition, and do the occasional race; and serious runners, those who attack every race with a military-style strategy, finesse their days around training plans and food guides, and have more bling and race T-shirts than they do normal clothes. There's also elite runners, but that's a bracket I've never - and will never - be a part of. Again, I've been through a lot of these stages – currently I'm one of those who has more running clothes than regular clothing.

Now I'm a somewhat committed long-distance runner – aiming to do 3-4 marathons in 2016 – I've battled long and hard about whether to set this blog up. As I said earlier, a blog in 2016? I'm gonna have to work extra hard to make it work – and I will. And I hope you keep coming back.

So what in the blue hell am I going to write and talk about?

Races: Particularly through New York Road Runners and the occasional NYC Runs route. From race prep to race previews to reviews, I'll cover as many races as I can.

Routes: Where I run, train, and take in the sights and sounds of New York. Some routes are often not scenic, but not everywhere can be paradise. And it's often the gritty trails and routes that help the mental game.

Technology: Everything revolves around tech these days. I've gone through a batch of apps, headphones, phones, music players, trackers, watches, the works. Some are dreadful, others I can't live or run without. I'll give my honest opinion on what's hot and what's truly awful.

Music: Some say don't run with it. I say balls to that. Without music I can barely run. Watch out for my 'Track of the week' where I'll pick something off my playlist that helps for different moods.

Food: Inspired from the Muffin, I'll show what works for me and what doesn't. It's often a game of Russian roulette, playing with food choices before long runs and races – but once you find a winning combo, it's gold and something to stick to!

Running: Sometimes I talk about it a lot, sometimes it's the last thing I want to do when I'm grouchy and tired, sometimes you have a terrible run and think you're losing your fitness, other times you have a great run and think you can change the world.

Getting up at crazy O'clock at the weekend for a long run can truly be horrible at times, but the feeling of getting it done more than compensates for the tiredness of early morning. There's also the things that you tend to think about during long runs and those horrible, monotonous runs on 'dreadmills.' I'll go into it all – and try to make it as exciting as I can for you all!